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4 These Skin Problems Can Be Stressful Effects on the Skin

When a pile of tasks in the office or homework is not finished making you stressed, you suddenly realize there are pimples appearing on the face or itching in the neck. Can stress cause skin disorders? One effect of stress on the skin is an increase in the production of the hormone cortisol. Increased production of this hormone will make the skin more oily, so the skin is prone to breakouts and experience various disorders. In addition, when under stress, you may also forget to treat skin, such as washing your face or using a moisturizer. This will aggravate the condition of the skin. Skin Problems That Usually Appear during Stress The following are some skin problems that often arise due to stress: 1. Acne Stress can cause increased levels of the hormone cortisol which can trigger oil production in the skin. In addition to excess oil production, often people forget to take care of the skin when under stress. Both of these can trigger acne. 2. Hives Hives are one of the immun
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5 Tips to Cut Baby Nails Safely

Perhaps many parents are afraid to cut baby's nails, especially newborns. Even so, the baby's nails must still be cut, because if it is too long, the nails can hurt the skin that is accidentally scratched. Parents need to cut the baby's nails, because he can not control his movements properly. Baby nails need to be kept short to prevent them from scratching and hurting themselves. Steps to Cut Baby Nails Cutting baby's nails must be done carefully. If you miss or cut your baby's nails too deep, Mother can cut her fingertips. Here are tips for safely cutting your baby's nails: 1. Do it while the baby is sleeping or after taking a shower Given the baby's uncontrolled movements, cut her nails while she was fast asleep. Mother can also cut your baby's nails after he finished bathing, because in this condition, his nails are softer. If you cut your baby's fingernails when he woke up, ask someone to hold and keep him from moving much when his nai

Reluctant to Near Your Husband When Pregnant, Normal or Not

If generally pregnant women feel closer to their husbands, Bumil actually feels reluctant to be close to her husband. Is this normal and what to do? Pregnancy should make a close partner relationship. However, Bumil just did not want to be close to her husband. No need to panic, let's know the possible causes and how to handle it. Various Possible Causes The study found that many women experience decreased arousal in couples during pregnancy. This is due to hormonal changes in each pregnant woman can cause different effects. In addition, hormonal changes and blood flow during pregnancy do make pregnant women experience changes in emotions, feelings, and sensations. This is the reason pregnant women can experience changes in diet, sleep patterns, to sexual arousal. Being pregnant also makes the body work extra so it's natural for pregnant women to feel tired more quickly. This condition can be more severe if pregnant women work overtime and lack of sleep. Plus, pregnant